Shalom to you, the "So-Called" (Black, Chicano, Latino, Indigenous, "Original") Man and Woman scattered to the four corners of the earth.  Our Shalom goes out to you in the Americas , islands of the sea and other parts of the planet.

These are "Your" Ancestors.. These are "Your" Bloodline. These people are "You". These people are your "Uncles". These people are your "Children". The world's biggest secret is "Who You Are"... That's the good news. The bad news is that everything you've been taught all your lives, even the things that you have loved in this life, are all lies... Sit with that for a minute. We'll go back to this point at the end.

The "First Thing" that any of us should do when becoming aware of this truth is to understand the "Criticality" of this information to our understanding of the Bible (Scripture). When we read about King David or Moses or Jeremiah or Samson, we need to understand the reason that we have seen some of their described habits and weaknesses in our own family is because those people "Are Our Family". They are our uncles and aunts, mothers and fathers and grandparents. This is also the reason that you are able to see your life circumstances in the scripture. More than this though, in order to properly apply the prophecy in the book to the times that we are in and believe them, you have to know "Who" those signs will show up on, in real life.

The "Second Thing", once you have that in your spirit, is to sit down somewhere quiet (do it in the bathroom if you need to), go to Deuteronomy 28 and read verses 1-14 and stop. Realize that these are the "Promises" of The MOST HIGH, given to those that are HIS people. Now continue reading from 15-67 (don't read 68 yet). As you read, I want you to think of all of our history here. I want you to think of the things that you witnessed your parents and grandparents live through. I want you think of the times that your grandmothers and fathers just checked out of conversations that went into how things were when they were growing up and didn't want to tell you all that they saw. I want you to think about the things you've seen in your life. I want you to think of how your children were schooled or taken from you. Think about how the State, through Child Protective Services has license over your child even though their purpose is just the opposite of what they say.  Think about how they seek to remove dedicated men from homes and create single parent households.  I want you to think about how you have checked out at some points in your walk and it was "Only" our FATHER that kept you together. Think of all of this as you read through what our FATHER said HE would allow to happen to us for leaving HIS side and did. Now, finally, read verse 68.

 "Egypt" again with "Ships".  Our ancestors, number 1 "Came here on Slave Ships (Southern Kingdom)", number 2 "Were mass murdered on this continent (Northern Kingdom)" and number 3 "Build Washington DC".  We are in Mystery Babylon, spiritual "Sodom" and "Egypt" and those things that we walked through are a "Sign" (Deuteronomy 28:46), that will be on our people forever.  The "Reason" for this is not to curse us for ever.  It was done to "Chasten" us and to build us into the people HE intended for us to be. Even more than this, it was done to show us and the world, "Who the Children of Israel Are" and "What time it is in the world's walk towards the end of time".  It is "Impossible" to understand the scriptures if you don't know "Who" they were written by, about and for.

HE is not just what they describe as a GOD to us. HE is our FATHER...